Shinobi Science School of Self Defense

Ninjutsu Martial Arts Atlanta,GA


Our society is becoming more dangerous it seems, terrorism, random senseless violence,mass shooters ,brutal bullying are all constantly reported in the news.Its time you take a stand! You will learn modern Ninjutsu combat techniques for effective self defense. Train with us & leave your house everyday with confidence knowing you have the ability to defend your self and family.

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We teach

Adults, Teens, & Children



*Art Of Ninjutsu*   Discipline*

Self Defense* Take downs* Throws*

*Pressure points*

*Grappling/Ground Fighting* Joint Locks*

*Joint manipulation*

*Urban Survival Skills*


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Shinobi Science School 

Of Self Defense

5639 Memorial Dr.

Stone Mountain,Ga 30083


We also offer personal trainer sessions at

a location and time of your choosing.

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(404) 641-9828

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