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The Dojo - We have been in business since 2003. Our goal has been to teach true and effective self defense to all people.We can teach you to effectively defend yourself with our combat mode system, build your confidence and stay in good physical health. Our Shinobi Science system will teach you how to defend yourself, using punches, kicks, throws, take downs, pressure points, ground fighting, grappling, joint locks, improvised weapons and more. You will learn to defend yourself in any situation that comes your way. Choose the system that will prepare you for the reality of the dangerous world we live in.We teach in a serious , yet friendly manner and atmosphere.


Sensei  Shawn Lewis

Sensei Lewis is a 9th Degree Black Belt  in Shinobi No Jitsu "Way Of The Winds & Water System". He has studied ninjutsu under Shihan Ali A. Karim for 24 years. Sensei Lewis has also crossed trained in other well known arts such as Aikijujitsu, Sanuces ryu, & Jiujitsu. Sensei Lewis is part of the "Way of The Winds System" family Created by O'Sensei Ronald Duncan.  Sensei Lewis's teacher Shihan karim is a direct student of Grand master Duncan, and Master Duncan is credited as the "Father Of American Ninjutsu".

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